3 Houseplant Gift Ideas

by Homes by Henson 06/27/2022

Live plants make excellent gifts for occasions like housewarming, birthdays and more. Luckily there are many plants that are extremely forgiving, easy to care for and make exceptional gifts regardless of the skill level. Here are some suggestions if you want to gift a live plant.

Christmas Cactus

The Christmas cactus gets its name from its blooming season being in the dead of winter. The plant produces bright red or pink blooms at the end of long cascading stems, making it a truly striking plant even when a smaller size. Despite being called a “cactus” this plant does not need a lot of sunlight. It can live happily in lower light and go without water for a long time before showing any signs of distress. These traits make it easy to care for and a smart gift. It also grows quickly when conditions are perfect, which makes it a very satisfying plant to own even when it’s not covered in vibrant flowers.


Jade is another type of plant that grows exceptionally well as a houseplant with very little maintenance. As a type of succulent, jade is drought resistant and can go long periods of time without watering. It loves a bright windowsill but will also make an excellent addition to rooms with lower light. Per its name, jade has rich green colored leaves that are smooth to the touch. It can grow large and for an extremely long time if kept well, making it a splendid gift that might keep on giving for years to come.


Pothos are a frequent item on “hard to kill houseplant” lists because of their ability to survive in almost any conditions. Low light, infrequent watering, low humidity—very few environmental conditions bother these plants. However, they’re also beautiful and make wonderful gifts, especially for new homeowners. Their long vines grow quickly and look great trailing down the top of a bookcase or climbing up a wall or trellis. Pothos come in rich green, chartreuse, silvery green and variegated varieties with splashes of yellow, white and cream. A pothos, whether small or large, makes a great low-maintenance gift.

While there are plenty of options for easy-care houseplants, it’s also important to consider the home environment of the person you’re buying for. For example, jade and pothos are both toxic to humans and pets if ingested, so if your recipient has young children or curious animals a Christmas cactus is a safer bet. Start with these suggestions and research your options carefully to find the perfect plant gift.